EasyExport® International Network of Dealers and Other Commercial Buyers Tops 100

Hartford, CT EasyExport, the revolutionary new service that enables any company to ship guns, parts, optics, and accessories to international customers safely, reliably, and affordably, is proud to announce that its international network of approved buyers now includes more than 100 dealers, distributors, ranges, and gunsmiths in over 30 countries. 

EasyExport offers international dealers and other commercial buyers a super-convenient new way to buy directly from American suppliers, including such well-known brands as Volquartsen Firearms, Tandemkross, Ranger Point Precision, and XS Sights. Using EasyExport’s proprietary DealerConnect™ tool, dealers can request trade relationships with as many EasyExport sellers as they want in less than five minutes. EasyExport sellers are eager to expand their international dealer networks, so valuable new relationships form quickly. EasyExport’s low processing charges and sellers’ ability to ship most commercial orders affordably by conventional means make it possible for international dealers to conveniently buy quantities they know they can resell – at direct-from-the-manufacturer prices.

EasyExport’s software enables sellers to get shipments out the door incredibly quickly by identifying export and import requirements instantly and managing export licenses to ensure that licenses are in place before orders arrive, eliminating the customary wait for license approval. Many EasyExport sellers are new to international shipping, so EasyExport personnel support sellers in every step of shipping, eliminating fear and uncertainty and turning every seller into an expert.

EasyExport’s skilled staff, with decades of experience in the export of firearm industry products, facilitates interactions between dealers and their American suppliers, performing the functions often filled by exporters and importers, but without any mark-up or delay. International commercial buyers who register with EasyExport buy direct from the source. Many even place orders online, with their dealer discounts embedded in sellers’ ecommerce systems.

Commenting on the latest milestone, EasyExport co-founder and CEO, Jeff Grody, said “This is a very important achievement for our company and for our community of American sellers and international buyers. When we started operating 18 months ago, there were no international businesses registered with EasyExport. But we believed that EasyExport would be fantastic for international commercial trade. Topping 100 so quickly proves we were right. This is great for our sellers and, by opening the door to affordable new sources of supply, for the dealers, distributors, ranges and gunsmiths around the world who register with EasyExport.”

Manufacturers and other sellers of guns, parts, optics, and accessories who want access to EasyExport’s growing network of international commercial buyers, have only a short time left to get started almost for free. Through October 31, companies that sign up with EasyExport will receive free product setup for up to 1,000 products and free service for the first two months. In addition, one-time implementation charges will be reduced by 50%. These limited time offers allow companies that sell to international customers, or want to start selling internationally, to begin using EasyExport’s unique service for as little as $250 and save up to $4,250. Schedule a demo at EasyExport Fall Promotion.

EasyExport does all the regulatory heavy lifting for its sellers. EasyExport’s software clears most orders for shipment immediately. In other cases -- when an order cannot be shipped until after an export license or import permit has been obtained -- EasyExport places a hold on the affected items so they can’t be shipped. EasyExport staff obtains export licenses and approves import permits, removing holds as these tasks are completed. Sellers are free to ship when the holds are gone. With most orders cleared instantly, companies using EasyExport frequently ship international orders the same day they are received.

EasyExport’s service doesn’t end with clearing orders for shipment. Ensuring that shipments reach their ultimate destination is critical. EasyExport supports sellers with the tools, information, and advice they need to label packages properly, select the right carriers, interact with freight forwarders effortlessly, track international shipments, and set buyer expectations regarding delivery times. EasyExport sellers ship with confidence. 

EasyExport’s pricing also removes risk and fear from the economics of exporting. Other than modest, one-time setup charges, which are significantly reduced through October 31, EasyExport customers pay only for the transactions EasyExport processes. There is no monthly, annual, or other periodic fee. No minimum volume or other usage requirement, either. Not even a charge for preparing Commerce Department or State Department export licenses. Instead, EasyExport sellers pay a small processing charge for transactions EasyExport processes. Nothing else.

EasyExport’s rates for processing transactions start at $15 for orders up to $100. The charge for orders from $100 to $200 is $20. For orders above $200 up to $1,000, the charge is 10% of the order value. The rate drops to 9% for orders between $1,000 and $2,500, and continues to drop as order size increases, reaching the minimum rate of 5% for orders over $25,000.

About EasyExport®

EasyExport is the only solution that enables any seller of rearms, parts, or optics in the United States to ship legally, reliably, and affordably to lawful rearm owners and dealers around the world. EasyExport makes fulfilling international orders almost as easy as domestic orders.

EasyExport’s no-risk service makes it practical for every manufacturer and reseller in the rearms industry to sell into the global market. Setup costs are low, contracts are cancellable at any time, and sellers pay only for orders received and shipments shipped.

EasyExport contracts include full training and continuous support. No export compliance expertise is required. Start selling internationally in about two weeks. EasyExport provides a total, proven commercial and regulatory solution.

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