EasyExport Sellers Expect 100% International Sales Growth in 2023

Hartford, CT - “Easy peasy.” That’s how one long-time customer reacted when EasyExport proposed a 100% growth target for their international sales in 2023. This week, EasyExport will finish rolling out 2023 plans for customers that have been with EasyExport for more than a year. Every plan targets 2023 international sales growth of 100% or more.

EasyExport is bringing hyper-growth to international sales of American guns, parts, and accessories by using technology to connect American sellers with licensed dealers and lawful gun owners in 83 countries. Dealers, consumers and other lawful international buyers register with EasyExport for convenient access to the sellers in EasyExport’s network. Tools incorporated into EasyExport’s technology platform bring sellers and buyers together. Sellers and buyers deal with each other directly. EasyExport handles all the export-import compliance, enabling American sellers to ship safely and reliably to dealers, consumers and others in 83 countries.

Since EasyExport began operating in 2021, sellers who use EasyExport have shipped tens of thousands of guns, parts, and accessories to thousands of vetted and approved buyers around the world. American manufacturers and resellers who sign up with EasyExport are instantly exposed to an international network of 3,500 dealers, ranges, gunsmiths and consumers. Consumer preference information provided by EasyExport shows sellers which products to promote and where to promote them. Targeted marketing tools available in their EasyExport accounts give sellers the power to act immediately on the data, driving super-fast growth.

The 100% international sales growth plans for 2023 that EasyExport has rolled out are one way EasyExport is helping its sellers grow. DealerConnect™ is another. Released last summer, DealerConnect makes it easy for international dealers to reach out to EasyExport sellers. DealerConnect has already created valuable new relationships. In early April, sellers will have the ability to offer promotions to international customers on EasyExport’s website. Later in April, EasyExport will release promotions pages inside its app that sellers will use for targeted marketing directed at registered EasyExport buyers. In May, EasyExport will launch the EasyExport Product Finder™ search engine, which will enable international buyers to search all sellers’ product lists in one location with a single search. June will bring the release of data dashboards in sellers’ EasyExport accounts. With the data dashboards and the ability to run targeted promotions, EasyExport sellers will be fully equipped to open significant new international sales channels by themselves, without intermediaries such as exporters and in-country distributors.

EasyExport’s growth tools will be available throughout 2023 at no charge to EasyExport’s current customers and to new customers who go live before June 30, 2023. This means that customers who sign up now will receive access to all of EasyExport’s capabilities with virtually no risk. The start-up investment is as low as $250 and no other charges are incurred until sales happen. Contracts can be terminated at any time. EasyExport gives new and experienced sellers into the international market a complete solution for adding new distribution channels and revenues without adding personnel.

“In the U.S. market, innovators like Gunbroker, Gearfire, and Guns.com, among others, have demonstrated the power of technology to erase inefficiencies in the traditional distribution chain,” said Jeff Grody, EasyExport co-founder and CEO. “EasyExport is doing the same thing for the international market. From the outset, we have solved regulatory and logistics challenges for American sellers into the international market. Now we are able to overcome the daunting barriers of marketing to international customers affordably and effectively.”

EasyExport customers send international orders to EasyExport electronically via a simple integration between EasyExport and their ERP or ecommerce system. Users see orders’ compliance status in their EasyExport interface and ship after orders are cleared for shipment. EasyExport’s shipping screen conveys all the information needed to ship each order correctly. Also included are tools for generating shippers’ letters of instruction automatically and for interacting with freight forwarders seamlessly within the EasyExport app. Required records are retained automatically within EasyExport. EasyExport compliance personnel and software engineers provide continuous total, human, support.

About EasyExport®

EasyExport is operated by experts with 40 years’ collective experience in the international sale of guns, parts, and accessories to business, consumer, and governmental buyers all over the world. The team also includes software engineers and a full-time data scientist. At the core is software that was built by the EasyExport team and which is continuously improved.

EasyExport gives every American manufacturer and reseller the ability to reach new customers and generate new revenues easily, quickly, and safely.

For more information, visit www.easyexport.net. Schedule a demo at the EasyExport website, or by emailing sales@easyexport.net.

Contact: Jeff Grody, jeff@easyexport.net.

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